Wednesday, February 26, 2014


To understand how Progeria can affect the people it surrounds we talked to Morgan Sample.  Morgan is a high school student that lives in Anthony Wayne, the school district that Kaylee Halko, a girl with progeria lives in as well.  We asked Morgan a series of questions about how it has affected the community and these were her responses. 

Interviewer:When Kaylee was first diagnosed was there a change in the community?

Morgan: Yeah when she was dianosed the community came together and started to raise money towards reseach for her.4

Interviewer: Do they still raise money or has it kind of died off since then?

Morgan:  Oh no! We still raise money big time.  The softball team raises money for her and she has a 5k every summer.

Interviewer: When the second girl near Toledo was diagnosed do you think it raised awareness more in the surrounding area?

Morgan:  I am not really sure, but if anything I think people realized that it can happen to anyone

Interviewer: Have you ever met Kaylee?

Morgan: Yeah and she is one sassy little girl.  I was playing for the softball team and we did a game for her and she did the first pitch and some batting.  It was really cool, but she knows how to take advantage of it..  She still is precious though.

Interviewer:  So you think she handles it pretty well?

Morgan:  Absolutely!  Her family is really supportive and she enjoys life.  She does dance and like a week ago she went to a father daughter dance.  I think she is trying to be as normal as possible.

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